on the
Book of Wisdom


Short Commentaries book

Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom presents its life-fulfilling truths in easy-to-read-and-understand eight-line verses followed by short commentaries that expand on them. More than one religious philosophy is represented in the text of “the book” and its basic hope is the realization that there is one basic truth that underlies nearly all religious disciplines. This book is not a religious text. It presents the comments in a form that followers of various religious disciplines will recognize, but the comments are presented without dogma which will appeal to readers of no recognized religious belief or inclination. The story that introduces the Comments is entertaining, as well as enlightening.


“Wisely use each moment given you and walk forward through time to fulfillment. Lose the moment and dwell on its loss, and time marches past while you, mired in confusion and indecision, watch the happy parade as a lonely bystander instead of taking your place in its rollicking midst.”

“Because the power which made all is what we are, then nothing can be denied us. Our only limitation is our lack of understanding of what we are and what we can be. When we seek to be the power, we will fail. When we let the power become us, we will succeed. Because of our lack of understanding and knowing we call the ordinary miraculous.”

“There is only one world, but it has two natures. The world you know was created from the infinite, but it is bounded by the finite. The infinite is pure and spiritual. It has no needs because from it all needs are filled. The finite creates desires and calls them needs.”

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