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People aim to feel a sense of fulfillment. But despite being told how living life to the fullest is a resolution, they end up puzzled by what this means.

How should life be lived?

Despite already investing years and decades in the world, people may still find confusion regarding how life should be lived. No matter how many pieces people have picked throughout their experiences, it’s a puzzle that will never be wholly pieced – a convoluted string that takes long to untangle. After all, its conclusive meaning and the meaning behind every individual’s existence are among the universal mysteries yet to be unraveled.

Life is complex, and finding the truth about its intricacies will be perplexing. People want to make the most of life. While people may seamlessly live through their lives on a day-to-day basis, looking at the bigger picture and matters in hindsight, they can’t help but feel regretful over most things.

Now, the question is, how can people decrease these instances?

The Secret To Life, Experiencing Lesser Regrets

Regardless of how organized and prepared people are in life, regrets are one thing they can’t avoid. It exists in any decisions, missed opportunities, and even those they’ve taken. Regrets may seem like they’re ever-present in every movement people take. They’re hindsight-based, “I-should’ve-done-this-instead” moments pushing people toward better choices.

However, while regrets may exist in everything, this doesn’t mean people shouldn’t take chances.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite. For people to inch closer to understanding their existence, living life to the fullest is required, and this means taking chances. Regret over things done and risks taken is far better than one out of inaction. Perhaps this is why living life to the fullest is a standard advice people give and take because they subconsciously know that not doing things and seizing opportunities will hurt more than failing them or committing mistakes.

Russell Marlett’s Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom redefines life’s meaning through this lens. He writes that life is commonly wasted because people find contentment in settling.

While life provides them with various opportunities to discover their potential, they overlook these because of fear. Many things in life push people to settle rather than chase after possibilities.

People have reasons to avoid living life to the fullest. But if they desire to uncover authenticity in life and the meaning of their existence, experiencing the uncomfortable is what thrusts them towards it.

Seeking Fulfillment By Living Life To The Fullest

Life is complicated. But if it were to be reduced to a single association, it would be compared to an experiment. The more people carry them out, the more they begin to understand life and make adjustments to make it better. Hence, instead of keeping to themselves and reeling back when opportunities arise, they must learn to dabble in what they can to unlock more about life.

Living life to the fullest is the secret to appreciating and comprehending life’s complexities.

Life must be lived; this will only happen if people learn to conquer their fears and hesitations. By living life to the fullest, they learn to embrace every risk and chance that comes their way and find meaning in their triumphs and failures. They can pick these pieces up and assemble them to create a complete picture of what life truly encompasses.

People are fulfillment-hungry.

They go through life seeking activities that satiate their hunger for more unless their fear of failure kicks in. Regardless of how much they dream of truly living life to the fullest, they hesitate and settle on the sidelines if they feel the slightest bit uncertain of what the experience may entail.

Their fears are blinding their better judgment and stopping them from truly embracing their existence and living life to the fullest. But once they’ve thought better, they realize taking chances was the better decision. While taking chances will lead to people’s biggest heartbreaks and disappointments, it can also bring them their brightest breakthroughs and triumphs.

The Essence Of Life Is About Taking Chances

People who choose to live treading on risks and chances live by life’s greatest enthusiasms and devotions. They’re living life to the fullest despite knowing the possible risks, striving valiantly and bravely through the currents of life. People who live by the edge put a worthy cause in their lives. They understand that life’s meaning will only be unraveled if it has already been lived.

Hence, they take every chance they can to experience everything it offers. Whether they succeed and achieve something big or fail and learn something consequential, at least they know they did so daringly and by living life to the fullest. They will never look back at their previous years in regret. They know they were never timid, even in the eyes of defeat.

Life is meant to be lived. Hence, by living life to the fullest, people are abiding by the reason for their existence. They’re slowly discovering what they’re meant to find out.

Russell Marlett

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