In a world where fitness and health are mostly prioritized, learning how to cultivate wisdom often takes a backseat and, at times forgotten by the masses.

Russell Marlett, author of Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom, aims to analyze various texts and acquire the esoteric knowledge behind them. His book is a book of wisdom on the ordinary miraculous circumstances that open up to us once we utilize wisdom properly. Readers are in for a treat with the knowledge waiting for them in the book’s pages.

Wisdom isn’t something that we inherently have. We are not birthed into this world carrying profound knowledge slushing around inside our craniums. No, wisdom is something that we earn. Wisdom is something that we learn. Wisdom is something that we cultivate.

Speaking of cultivating wisdom, here are some ways we can all cultivate wisdom.

Read and Feed the Seed of Knowledge in Your Head

Reading may be done for educational purposes or just for enjoyment. Read whatever you want. Reading not only exposes you to the stories and interior lives of countless real and fictional individuals. Additionally, it provides you with the solitude you need to take in, consider, and integrate what you are learning in life.

Don’t Let Impulse Dictate Your Decision — Slow Down When You Can

You don’t have enough time to use all of your intellect because you act (or respond) too rapidly. This is particularly true for the areas where your growing wisdom, common sense, understanding, and information are stored.

To fully develop the vital skill of slowing down or calming down and analyzing each situation properly, one must practice mindfulness, counting from one to ten, or meditation.

Having the patience and calmness not to respond too quickly shows that one has matured and cultivated wisdom the best one can. This is especially useful in high-stakes situations.

Learn How to Cultivate Wisdom by Trying Unfamiliar Things

You can learn every time you attempt something new, whether traveling, taking up a new pastime, trying out a new type of entertainment, or acquiring new abilities at work. Russell Marlett offers life-altering verses many of you don’t know about in his book of wisdom on the ordinary miraculous things that happen to us.

If we approach the knowledge that Russell has to offer with a growth mindset, the present you will turn into a wiser future you. Furthermore, you’ll be able to focus more clearly on your values, special talents, and purpose. This is because life experiences help you determine which activities to keep doing to cultivate wisdom and which ones to avoid.

Take the Time to Reflect on the “Cause and Effect” Frequently

Repeating the same mistakes repeatedly while failing to learn from them or even acknowledge their existence is the most annoying feeling there is. Instead of claiming an action should work when it hasn’t, wisdom can spot patterns and connections between inputs and outputs.

Without taking time to ponder and without consciously searching for potential connections, it is challenging to perceive this.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Face Your Fears

The stuff we fear and find rationalizations for not doing or are frightened of frequently helps us develop. They may be the solution we need to manage stress in the future.

Of course, don’t seek psychological or real dangers to expose yourself to. Instead, search for activities resulting in real progress rather than just meaningless discomfort or anxiety. Things like beginning the book you’ve always wanted to write, seeking a new company loan, or approaching a coworker for assistance.

Kick Things Off Having a Beginner’s Mind

As you gain knowledge, experience, and insight, it can be simple to rely solely on pattern recognition, jump to conclusions, and do everything wrong. With this in mind, it’s crucial to approach unfamiliar circumstances with an open mind, curiosity, and wide eyes.

Before assuming you understand precisely what’s happening and what you need to do about it, ensure you have all the facts by asking questions, paying close attention, and confirming your comprehension.

Make the Change You Want to Happen by Cultivating Wisdom

Learning how to cultivate wisdom benefits all of us. When we are wise, we do not just serve ourselves; we also serve others, so go on and use the ways we listed here. We hope you found this list useful and that it’ll help you on your journey to cultivating wisdom.

For more information on the benefits of wisdom and how to gain it, read Russell Marlett’s book of wisdom on the ordinary miraculous circumstances titled Commentaries on the Book of Wisdom.

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