Understand that there is a difference between the power of faith and the power of belief.  What we believe is what we are told and accept.  The power of faith is what we seek and experience.  Belief leads us to hope for miracles in our lives.  Faith enables us to experience them.

COMMENTARIES ON THE BOOK OF WISDOM is not a religious book.  It is a story of an individual who (like many of us) builds a dream of rescue from a life of disappointing routine and self serving desire.  The vehicle for rescue is the imagined wealth contained in a locked trunk in the attic of the house of a great aunt.   Initial disappointment in discovering that the chest only contained worthless keepsakes was gradually overcome by the realization that the very last item at the bottom of the trunk was a manuscript that contained a treasure greater than the imagined gold that he was hoping for.  The manuscript told the story of a great uncle who lived life fearlessly.  He was a ship’s officer who survived a ship wreck, and –rather than return to the security of home and country – dared to trek through Central American jungles in a quest for treasure.  Disappointed in lack of success in the quest for gold, he was preparing to bed down for the night in a jungle hut when a mysterious figure materialized before him and dictated thirty two eight line verses with additional commentaries.  The product was the manuscript which was discovered many years later.  It turned out to be life altering for the disillusioned  man who discovered it as it will be for anyone who reads it and takes it to heart.


One who can love is never alone, is never fearful and is not burdened with sorrow.  One who can love experiences the victory that awaits all who discover the reality of life.

What is of God is perfect.  What is of man is imperfect.  How can man teach perfection when the tool with which he teaches is imperfect?  Perfection  must be experienced to be known; it cannot be told.  When you have put self aside to serve the need of another you have approached perfection.

We are here for only a short time, and the things that are for this time will be left behind when we are no longer here.  Share what is of this world with those who have not experienced your good fortune and you will have a treasure never ceasing.

Wisely use each moment given you and walk forward through time to fulfillment.  Lose the moment and dwell on its loss, and time marches past while you, mired in confusion and indecision, watch the happy parade as a lonely bystander instead of taking your place in its rollicking midst.

In your gratitude, first recognize the power that made you then know that what you need is provided.  What is provided is not given but is for the taking.  Only when you can give without fear of being without can you possess the abundance that is yours.

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